• The Mission Improving urban life by creating spaces that inspire.

    We transform the urban landscape by developing, owning, and investing in real estate in Prague and beyond. We are aligning ourselves around one of the fundamentals of real estate – its human dimension, and are committed to providing beautiful, functional, sustainable and environmentally responsible living spaces that anticipate their communities’ future needs.

  • The Vision Building an iconic legacy through long-term relationships

    Our vision is to be the partner of choice for those who believe that smart, thoughtful real estate development changes communities for the better. Our growing legacy of iconic developments is rooted in the fundamentals of long-term relationships, people-centric urbanism, cutting-edge design, and sustainability.

  • Positioning Connected + creative + collaborative + caring

    Our track record proves our ability to achieve exceptional results through our unique blend of talent, creativity, deep understanding of our environments, and our willingness to tirelessly work with all stakeholders to ensure no need goes unmet, no concern unaddressed, no opportunity unexplored.

Our Way of thinking

Cities are always changing: streets, infrastructure, public spaces, and buildings are constantly being built, improved, demolished, and replaced.

But when a new project is designed to improve a community, neighbourhood residents often find themselves at odds with the real estate developer who proposes it. Savvy developers are willing to work with residents to allay their concerns and gain public support, but at the same time, a real estate development is a business venture financed by private investors who take significant risks.

Each stage in the real estate development process is important. You can’t skip steps or try to do them out of order. If you don’t follow the logical order, you’re likely to make mistakes. Mistakes lead to losses. By minimizing mistakes and only proceeding with well thought-out, reasonable decisions, you’re more likely to end up with a net gain than a net loss.

Many of our problems in life, and in business, can be chalked up to miscommunication or a lack of communication. One of your leading roles as a developer is to be a facilitator and communicator, working with investors, builders, brokers, finance folks, and others. Availability, especially during normal work hours, is imperative. People want to know they can reach and rely on you.

Meeting your professional contacts where they are is also integral. This means contacting others through multiple platforms, including email, text messaging, phone calls, and whatever else you need to do to stay connected.

  • Caring

  • Experienced

  • People-centric

  • Iconic

  • Connected

  • Innovative

  • Knowledgeable

  • Creative

  • Responsible

  • Design-minded

  • Futuristic

  • Inspiring

  • Proactive

  • Exceptional

  • Collaborative

  • Cultured

  • building

    50+ projects


    KARLIN PORT REAL ESTATE is responsible for a number of iconic projects in the city of Prague, each with a different investment partner. Our best-known projects include such Prague icons as Corso Karlín, Dock, River Diamond, River Gardens, Šaldova Cornlofts, Manesova 78, and Kotelna.

  • money

    1B  transacted


    We create value by developing, investing in, and owning properties, while constantly identifying new investment opportunities in the real estate sector.

  • meter

    1.1M m2  developed & in the pipeline


    We change the face of the city’s neighbourhoods by making them better places to live, work, shop, and relax. We strive to contribute to an inclusive community and a balanced city, enhancing their unique character. Our developments are beautiful, functional, sustainable, futuristic, and inspiring.

  • tree tree

    27 years in business


    Milorad Miško Mišković, founder of KARLIN PORT REAL ESTATE, is a pioneering figure in the Czech Republic/Prague real estate arena. With the formidable experience of 27 years in business, he has built a fascinating track record of diverse office and residential real estate developments, many of which are now considered iconic. Most notably, he has played a major part in the revitalization and ongoing development of Karlín, one of Prague’s most exciting, dynamic, and attractive neighbourhoods.

Did You Know?

A brilliant team of top real estate and investment professionals at KARLIN PORT REAL ESTATE have created a new financial product, the Opportunity Real Estate Fund. Acting on behalf of investors while respecting its clearly defined strategy and goals, the fund is expected to yield attractive net returns on carefully selected real estate projects in Prague and elsewhere in the Czech Republic.

Opportunity, Real estate fund