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  • The club is the official guarantor of the Weimaraner breeding in Czech Republic, which brings together breeders and fans of the hunting breed Weimaraner and Weimaraner. KCHVO is a member of the Czech-Moravian Cynological Union.

  • The 10th annual Pink Crocodile charity tennis tournament is over. For the 10th time, tennis lovers across Prague spent several arduous hours on the courts, perfecting their serves and volleys - all for a shot at taking home the prestigious Pink Crocodile Annual Charity Tennis Tournament trophy.

  • Our tennis tradition is here again! With this year's charity tennis cup, Pink Crocodile is looking to support projects for children with disabilities as well as our scholarship fund supporting Czech orphans seeking higher education.

  • On Sunday, September 9, 2018, the 8th Charity Tennis Cup took place at the RS Sportcentrum in Prague. Our traditional cooperation continues! With this year’s charity tennis cup, Pink Crocodile is looking to support the education programme of the Special Elementary school: Základní škola speciální Neratov, which is educating and caring for 20 children with mild to severe forms of disabilities. With your participation in the tournament, you are helping to get them one step closer to fulfilling the dream of their school bus.